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My EOS Webcam Utility video doesn't show up in 'Tracker Monitor', why not?

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See attached video, for some reason I can't get YourDirectorAI to show my webcam in the tracker window. My webcam works properly in all other programs. Why is this? 

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Hello Kris,

Your report does not inform what camera you are using, but basically, I want a comment, not all canon cameras can support 1920x1080 or other resolutions, I guess that can be related.
If this is the case is fixable, but need some time until we launch the next version some moment in march.
Please inform your model, and if possible provide a screen capture of the dropdown list of resolutions OBS shows as available, screen capture will be something like this:


After doing some research this afternoon, if I'm not wrong....... all canon cameras through eos utility just offer lower resolutions of 1024x576 only.
Anyway, cannon in some docs, said this might vary depending on the camera.
That not is a supported resolution through video capture mode in YourDirectorAI, anyway, we can take a look at that to make available all |Canon cameras no matter the lower resolution.
Please sent asap you can the screen capture of the list of supported resolutions.

Until a fix is ready, don't worry there is another way to try the software.
Go to
Check for Configure OBS 28.X Or Newer
Set up your camera in OBS and use NDI to send the video feed from OBS to YourDirectorAI through NDI.

For sure!! thanks for recording that video, there is a lot of info on the screen, and that makes it easy to understand the problem.
Waiting now for the requested info. (the drop-down menu with list of resolutions).

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