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[Closed] YourDirectorAI Changelog

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YourDirectorAI version 1.2 - 12-12-2022

Info: with the release of YourDirectorAI 1.2 the documentation on web site is updated.

Bug fix:  NDI does not work in a major part of cases, this happens due to how internal tests are NDI works perfectly.

Deprecated: algorithm 1 is now deprecated.

Improvement: changes and improvements on some internal AI procedures, now AI switches are ultra-reliable.
Improvement: added tooltips, learn more about how to use the software just enabling the help button and the muse over the UI object to learn more.
Improvement: some cosmetic fixes, the app change to a new icon.

New feature: new knob to fine adjust the position of the left or right camera.
New feature: TALLY feature indicates through audio voice how the switcher is performing for the user to not have to look to the screen to test, adjust cameras, or use them as a camera tally with your headphones.

Warning! from this version the icon of YourDirectorAI is changed to the below icon:

hal 9000

YourDirectorAI version 1.1 - 17-11-2022
First stable release.


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