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    YourDirectorAI use AI tracking and analysis to switch scenes on your video/streaming software based on your actions, the concept is very simple, you have to think on YDAI software as a  “switch scene to where you are looking”, for this task the software requires a video source with your face as a centered content. The software is capable of tracking under very bad conditions of light, anyway a proper lighting is always recommended not only for tracking purposes, but also for good quality image. Unregistered version is limited to 7 days and 1 hour per session. remove the limitation creating your account and activating the software, is free!

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    December 11, 2022 1.2

    Proceed To Download

    YourDirectorAI is quite easy to use, but it is really important to read this guide to be able to use all the power of the software.

    After download the software, just unpack the zip and install the software.

    The installer leave 2 icons in your desktop, YourDirectorAI software and the License Manager, ignore for now the license manager and continue.

    Before starting using the software, let’s take a look at how the software works and some basic setups diagrams. There are many ways to track the video source, you should use what feets better in your setup. Let’s see different ways to do it, all the examples sow a multicam setup with 3 cameras, where one of that camera is the camera used as source for tracking, and also used by your video/streaming software.

    1- Using NDI: Network Device Interface (NDI) is a royalty-free software specification developed by NewTek company to enable video-compatible products to communicate, deliver, and receive high-definition video over a computer network in a high-quality, low-latency manner that is frame accurate.

    Using NDI allows you to reuse video source for stream/record process at same time YourDirectorAI tracks that video source.

    Advantage: frame accurate, video source not affected in any way. SD, HD and 4k resolutions supported. YourDirectorAI, can run on a separate machine if needed and video arrives through the network, YourDirectorAI control other software trough network protocols, and others.

    Disadvantage: NDI can be CPU ad network demanding under some situations.

    2- Using YourDirectorAI, virtual camera: This method uses a virtual camera provided by YourDirectorAI, in that way video capture device is splitted in video, tracker and video also goes out through virtual cam, to stream or recorder software like OBS or others.

    Advantage: lower resource usage compared with NDI.

    Disadvantage: limited to 1080p, depending on your hardware and video device, you might see frame drops on your device.

    3- Using a stand alone webcam as a source for tracking: In this method, a webcam can be used as a tracker video source, this method is suggested as a best method if you work with multiple DSLR cameras and 4k inputs combined with devices like the new multi input el Gato CamLink PRO or any other device you prefer.

    Multi 4k sources result in a very intensive resource usage, this method just adds ultra low overhead to your setup.

    Advantage: the lowest resource usage possible.

    Disadvantage: needs a dedicated webcam, anyway a cheap C920 can do the job and is the suggested camera.