Automatic AI Video Switching For Content Creators

A new Way to control your video content is here

AI Video Switcher.

Switch your video scenes in an unattended automatic way, in real time. Improve your live streams, virtual meetings, presentations, or classes. Save time on the creation of your videos. Add a pro look to your Webcam streams, or DSLR stream setup. YourDirectorAI works with any Windows computer and any GPU, no special graphics card is required. The power of a professional multicamera stage at your hands.

Start To Control Your Videos with A single camera.

You can start using YDAI with a single camera setup and control multiple video sources, perfect for teachers, presenters, business meetings, and any situation where you want to talk naturally with your audience and present video content as share your screen naturally and dynamically. Just look at the camera to talk to your audience, then look at your screen when wanting share screen. Add more cameras to spice your stream.

Minimal System Requirements.

Windows® 10 or 11, 64 bits. At least one source of video in order to track you. No special graphics card is required, works with any GPU. I5 or better CPU recommended with 8Gb RAM. Software is free, require registration and activation.

Compatible with The most Popular video Software.


Coming soon:

YourDirectorAI Video Switcher User Interface

Dexel Lighting

Face Tracking & Analysis by Visage Technologies,